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Hood is an e-commerce platform that connects people together through everyone’s favorite hobby: shopping.

In Hood, we curate our products to make your shopping experience easier and more rewarding. Still, you can find wide ranging products from items as modest as tote bag to sports car. What ever it is that you need, we got it covered under the hood.

We believe in the notion of building a tight knit online community of dynamic shoppers.

The Challenge

Allow users to discover and interact with other users and experts based on their preferred style. Hood wanted to be an ecommerce app that bring a human element and personality to the users, also wanted users to be stylish and stay ahead of trends.

The Outcome

Hood offers all the essentials of a seamless online shopping experience. These included browsing and discover products based on their preffered style, history, recommandation and feedback from hood community.

The challenge we faced is how we'll differentiate hood from other competitors while still creating simple yet engaging product.

We started gathered the necessary resources, begin researching competitors to define key considerations and submitting ideas to solve the problems. Designing a visual language that was going to be used consistently throughout the app while considering the potential constraints our end users might face.

We decided focused on social and personalization features, these include share favourite future to-buy products or latest purchase. Not only they get to be aware of what is on their friend's radar, it’s also a quick and easy way to hint them on what to get on their friend's next birthday.


Hood Wireframes Design
First version wireframes for Home, Discover and Product view

Design Process

Hood Navigation and Home Screen Design
Navigation design evolution
Hood Shopping User Experience and Interface Design
Tagging feature and shopping experience design
Hood Rating Interaction Design
Rated a post interaction design
Hood Post and Post a Response Interaction Flow
Create a post and post a response interaction flow