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Fitnesia is an on-demand application bring the concept of business online to offline (O2O). Fitnesia online booking facility provides a bridge across the merchant, in the form of a gym, studio, spa, massage and beauty center.

Fitnesia connect small and medium-scale lifestyle businesses by helping to sell their empty spots like Airbnb. Selling the empty rooms that previously did not generate revenue.

Not only to book online, Fitnesia also offers booking price cheaper than when paying on the spot also allows flexibility for the gym membership for all users.

The Challenge

Create seamless experience to choose and book thousands of activities through mobile phone. An aggressive timeline was imposed on their team of business people, engineers and designers to make this happen.

The Outcome

We decided to build a hybrid app, which would maximise our ability to quickly ship to both iOS and Android and allow Fitnesia's engineers to maintain the product with little to no change to their development team.

Final Design

Launch, category and schedule screens
Launch, category and schedule screens
Online booking and activity screens
Online booking and activity screens